I began my visual arts career when I was 4 years old, shooting my first pictures with a Kodak 44 Instamatic. Even then I was drawn to archaeological subjects, shooting the petroglyphs of Southern California.

 As time progressed, I expanded my knowledge to video and film production while in high school. I became the editor and director of a local news program. From there I went on to earn my BA in Filmmaking from San Francisco State University. I spent many years in the Bay Area serving in various capacities on commercials, television show and feature film. My first love, and the activity that became my ground state of being, was photography.

 Given my personal interests in archaeology and linguistics, I went to Belize to document the conditions at select Mayan ruin sites. This taught me the basics of architectural photography as well as gave me a working knowledge of shooting under less than ideal conditions. I continued in this vein by going to Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico and photographing the archaeological zone there, and capturing a total eclipse of the sun.

 Those experiences demonstrated my need for formal training in photography. I returned to school and earned my Master of Fine Art from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 1998. For my thesis project I returned to the images of my childhood: the petroglyphs on the rock walls of the California desert.

 This project has been extremely successful, even landing me a solo show at the San Diego Museum of Man. I am expanding my documentation of Native American Rock Art to the entire region of Southern California. In addition to working on the Volcanic Tableland I have spent countless hours locating and documenting petroglyphs and other archaeological artifacts in Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding area. As this is a labor of love, I produce commercial photography as well.

 I have a new found love for the plant kingdom, spending much time and effort in learning and photographing botanical subjects for stock use. I also shoot people and as I live in Los Angeles have even done the red carpet! I enjoy photographing people as well, providing headshots to aspiring actors and product photography for small businesses.